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“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity.”

― Roy Bennett

 We are always excited when we are able to share our knowledge and build meaningful relationships. Attend one of our workshops to learn useful, practical skills.


Teen Workshop

Sharpen your teen's decision making skills & social emotional awareness through this interactive workshop. If you are looking to help your child improve their behavior across environments then join Stephen in welcoming them to the Winner's Circle!

Men's Workshop

Join Stephen for this highly focused workshop created just for men. Whether you struggle with anxiety or looking for better ways to cope with stressful situations, this workshop is for you. We will deep dive into realistic ways to manage anxiety without hurting ourselves and the people we love. 

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Professional Development 

Leaders learn from leaders to excel and to make positive change right in their environment. Join us as we journey through new opportunities to help manage our environment without negelcting our own mental health needs.

School Wide Assembly

Looking to build school unity?

Stephen has crafted an inspiration message that provokes unity within the school system. There is no secret that students deal with various stressors within school including bullying, social media pressure, anxiety, drugs and more.  Stephen's message echoes leadership through actions but also challenges students to be the change that their community needs. 

Stephen provide real life strategies and techniques for students to use across their environment. The goal is to equip them with tools and activate those critical decision making skills all while reminding them that they are needed in this world and LOVED.

Self care is a need for all of us

We can't lead with love if we're not taking care of ourselves. We wanted to gift you with a small reminder as you go throughout your journey.

Download your free self care plan below

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