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The Winner's Circle

Managing emotions effectively to help with unhealthy behaviors.

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Join Stephen for this highly focused workshop created just for our teen boys. This workshop is one that will challenge irrational thoughts that provoke destructive behaviors and ultimately creates a negative mind set. Stephen guides our teens on a mental health check that allows for suppressed emotions to be released through engaging activities and dialogue that helps to change perspective.

Register your teen now for the the opportunity to release emotions appropriately while finding safety in a small group. 


Guide: Stephen 

Who is this workshop for?

  • Teen boys age 13-17yrs old
  • Teens who struggle with making positive choices
  • Teens who have difficulty with expressing emotions
  • Teens who need new coping strategies
  • Teens who could benefit from positive peer interactions and support

Space is limited so each teen can have direct access and meaningful conversation with Stephen.

Reserve your teen's spot today!

Registration Information: 

Date: TBD 

Time: TBD

Location: Frisco, Tx

Workshop cost: $120

Workshop includes teen workbook (Rejuvenated) that provides self-care tips and opportunities for expression through drawing and journaling. Workbook is one that they will be able to use throughout as a tool and reminder. 

Lunch will be provided so please include any allergies on form.

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