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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Spend time with yourself and the loved ones you have right in your circle

Lately, it seems like the conversations we have are rooted in bad news, worry, confusion or new information regarding the bad news. Our world is totally different and will never look the same. The way people operate throughout their workday looks and feels different in many ways. Schools have protocols with new safety procedures for all students and staff. Some restaurants function at max capacity and some can barely keep their lights on.

It’s interesting that even during these weird times you still have many companies flourishing and moving right along with their daily routine. Not a day goes by where I don’t see an Amazon van on my street. Thanks to my wife, they have already visited our household a few times (so no judgement). I decided that if Amazon can still flourish and operate so can I. The one thing that I refuse to do is waste time.

I wonder how many of us will take this time to continue operating at max capacity. And I don’t mean being unsafe or making foolish decisions that will bring harm to others around us. I am talking about having a new outlook on time. Although our days can and may feel stagnant, the one thing that continues to move is time. Time doesn’t work for you or look for you to pay it. Time doesn’t care about how many followers we have on social media even though it seems like the world does. I encourage you to spend TIME with yourself and the loved ones you have right in your circle. Our youth and even us “grown-ups” struggle with time management. I’m sure a lot of us would stop time or fast forward a few years ahead if we could. Nevertheless, we must keep going because time does exactly that…it KEEPS GOING. Do more of the things you enjoy, read more of your favorite books, FaceTime that person that makes you smile and laugh. Don’t you wait until the Amazon van passes your house 4 more times before you realize that you too deserve to thrive and operate at max capacity. And as always, move with love.


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