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Finding Joy

Take back your holiday season!

Each holiday season can bring a roller coaster of emotions. Many of them are good but we can also feel triggered which leads to a land slide of anxiety and stress. Those feelings combined aren’t the ideal cocktail for a holiday season and shouldn’t have to be. For many individuals this season has been stamped with grief and haunted with ongoing traumatic memories. Our hope is that you start to reshape the way you approach the holiday season this year. Now with that being said, we understand that breaking traditions and routines isn’t easy especially during the holidays. Nevertheless, change is needed for us all especially while being flooded with Black Friday ads and half priced kitchen gadgets that’s literally right in front when you walk into Target (well that’s what happens to us).

So how do we regain the true essence of JOY? First things first, identify the top three things that bring you anxiety and stress. Make a list and store it in your phone or put in on your fridge as a reminder. Next, identify three things that you would like to incorporate for yourself or even your family during this season. This can be as simple as having a family game night or watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas at a friend's house. The last and most important thing is to slow down. Pace yourself throughout the coming weeks and enjoy the simple activities that are already on your calendar. At times, joy can be overshadowed by unnecessary business that keeps us from being present. Don’t be so quick to add more activities to your schedule as a way of coping with overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

Make it your goal to find JOY by doing the things you want so you can have the energy to do the things that are needed as well. If you find yourself struggling during this season, then we want you to reach out. We would love to be a small piece of JOY by adding support for you during this time. As always lead with luv and Happy Holidays!


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