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Pick Up The Pace

Make time for the things you enjoy so you can make it through the tasks that you don’t.

It’s safe to say we were all apprehensive about the start of a new year; the past two haven’t exactly been ideal. Many people have been cautiously optimistic, hopeful they can reach a place of normalcy. You might have created your 2022 vision board (if those are still a thing) with big ideas for you and your family; you were determined to start that business, learn a new language, or make your home look Pinterest worthy. But now that January has come and gone, you’ve started evaluating your progress - or lack thereof - towards the goals you set. As you are setting and moving towards your goals, have you stopped to appreciate how much you’ve overcome? The world has suffered immeasurable loss and we’re all still facing a great deal of uncertainty. If you have any inspiration and motivation left during all this, I think that’s something to celebrate. Before criticizing or downplaying what you’ve accomplished, take time to reflect on how you got to this point in time. How often do you stop throughout the day and check in with yourself? Do you notice how your body feels only when you’re experiencing aches and pains? Are you ignoring your emotions or becoming overwhelmed by them and the negative thoughts that play in the background of your day? The title of this blog should be, “Don’t Pick Up the Pace”, because that’s what I’m suggesting you do. I’m suggesting you consider slowing down, taking a few deep breaths, and shortening your to-do list. Make time for the things you enjoy so you can make it through the tasks that you don’t. Make sure your goals are aligned with your values and what you want for your future. Your dreams don’t have to be set to social media’s standards, or your neighbor’s whose grass is always green (and their kids don’t spill juice or leave snack crumbs in the backseat).  Take time each day to create meaning and take action. And sometimes taking action means demanding rest for yourself and not pushing past your limits. Remember, slow and steady wins the race; and as always, lead with love.


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