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More Sun, More Problems

Take time to plan and to create family goals that also embed financial awareness as a family value.

Summertime isn’t always lavish if you ask me, especially when you’re running from the relentless sun in Texas. I know some people enjoy the high temperatures, but not me and Britney. Most summers for us look like the cold, blizzard months up north. Meaning, we only go out for food, water and work engagements when needed. Oh yeah, and to occasionally check on our family and friends (don’t judge us). Let’s face it, the summer months can bring upon stress in many ways, but one of the most common is money. There is no denying that school break brings on more financial obligations. Kids are out and that means they want to have fun, fun, and more fun. For the adults that just means more planning and higher grocery and electricity bills. (And let’s not even talk about gas prices right now.) This season can feel like the Christmas season at times, minus the tree and amazing holiday movies that never get old. While summer can be stressful, it can also be a time to create new opportunities and adventures for families. As a kid, I remember taking some of the best trips with my family during the summer. I also remember the planning that my parents did, from getting our clothes at garage sales, staying in affordable hotels, and driving to our destinations. Do you have thrifty ways that you plan for summertime fun? Planning with the entire family weekly can help you stay on track and keep everyone on the same page. This is also another good opportunity to check in with the kiddos, especially if you have teens that seem to lock themselves away for hours in their room and only come out for food and water. Take time to plan and to create family goals that also embed financial awareness as a family value. Our parents told me and my brother that they were planning to take us to Disney World in two years, but that would require us to be mindful of how we spent our money. We were so excited to hear this and it made going without certain things a bit easier. We still struggled at times because kids will be kids, but it was all worth it the day we finally arrived to that magical place. So, this week take time to plan with your family, even if it’s just going over the grocery list. Don’t decide to be stressed this entire summer, choose to have some fun while in this season. And remember, lead with love. Newer Post >< Older Post


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