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Improving Wellness Through Self-Care


2 hours

About the Course

Location: In person/Virtual

Why implementing self care matters:

  • Educators are the foundation of the school system

  • Supporting student development has physical and psychological demands for educators

  • Sustained workplace stress leads to burnout and teacher turnover

  • Chronic stress impairs our cognitive functioning and can also lead to long-term physical conditions

What you will get:

Our Self Care framework is driven by mental health research and can be implemented in various settings.

  • Self care assessment to identify thought and behavior patterns

  • Psychoeducation on how to mitigate stress and burnout

  • Interactive discussion on barriers to self care and how to overcome obstacles

  • Steps to create a self care plan that includes reachable goals

  • Guided meditation to practice mindfulness

5 Steps to Self Care

Be proactive about your mental health

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