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Stephen Simpson, LPC-A

Supervised by Patrick Ramsey, LPC-S

Individual Counseling for teens and adults 18 and older, Couples Counseling

No matter if you are 14 or 40, at some point in life you will need someone to help you along your journey. Life will throw us many roadblocks that can leave us stuck, feeling hopeless and just plain overwhelmed. My goal is to work alongside you as your counselor to assist, advocate and help guide you during your season. I have served and worked in the educational arena for a decade. As a special education teacher and ABA therapist, my passion has always been to build up families and communities. I earned my bachelor's degree in behavioral science and master's degree in marriage and family therapy.  My background is in working with individuals on the spectrum so I welcome clients with various disabilities. I believe we are all capable of living a meaningful life filled with purpose, love, and erasable memories.

What are sessions like?

Primary Areas of Focus: Life Transitions, Personal Growth, Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Depression, Marriage & Partnership, Career Guidance

My counseling approach is collaborative and centered on developing solutions that promotes change physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your input and goals will be the fuel that drives our sessions as work will be required to achieve change. Each session will last roughly 45 - 60 minutes. I typically begin seeing clients weekly or bi-weekly, depending on their individual needs.  

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