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Britney Simpson, MS, LPC

Individual & Couples Counseling for adults 18 and older

I’m originally from Tyler, TX, but I have called North Texas home since arriving for college. I’ve known from a young age that I wanted to be a counselor and was excited to learn that I could earn a living doing something that comes so naturally. I’ve always enjoyed observing human behavior, offering a new perspective, and taking part in someone’s journey towards growth. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology, and master’s degree in counseling from the University of North Texas. During this time, I worked with children in the foster care system and as a graduate assistant for the Social Work Department. I have also worked with individuals, couples and families, primarily with those that struggle with addiction. I truly value the education and connections I’ve formed, but most importantly, I found my voice.

My counseling style is simple and straightforward. We all have beliefs about our relationships, our world and ourselves that are often irrational. In order to improve our quality of life, we have to learn to challenge these beliefs. Once we’ve identified the thoughts that are holding us back, we can begin to take the necessary and sometimes uncomfortable steps toward lasting change.

What are sessions like?

Primary Areas of Focus: Anxiety, Boundaries, Communication, Coping, Depression, Grief, Identity, Self-Esteem.

Counseling sessions last about 50 minutes. The therapeutic relationship is collaborative, we will work together to identify and meet your goals. The first session(s) are geared towards information gathering and forming treatment plans. Clients may be given “homework” assignments to reflect on and bring to the next session. It is important to practice self-care between sessions, as the therapeutic process can be emotionally overwhelming.

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