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Our youth's success requires all hands on deck

Success Coaching for teens ages 13-17

One on One with Stephen

One of the bravest things we can do is ask for help. But that can be scary and challenging for our youth. Many of our youth struggle with making positive decisions and staying motivated. They need guidance outside of school and home to set and reach their goals. Stephen provides coaching sessions to fit your teen's schedule and individual needs. 

Is coaching the same as counseling?

Coaching focuses on the present and future, while counseling can also help to explore the past. Coaching is appropriate for teens who need help with activities of daily living, improving social skills, values exploration and goal setting. While coaching can be useful for youth struggling with anxiety and depression, meeting with a counselor might be a better fit. If Stephen believes your teen would benefit from seeking counseling, he will make this recommendation and provide referrals. 

What are sessions like?

Sessions are conveniently held through video or phone calls. Each session lasts 35-45 minutes and can happen weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on an as needed basis. Parent follow-ups will happen throughout the process as well, this will include progress and tips to keep your teen moving forward. Stephen knows how to engage and keep sessions active so clients are left inspired and ready to accomplish those big dreams!

Primary Areas of Focus:

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Self-Esteem

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Accountability

  • Social Skills

  • Values Development 


Kamiesha C.

"Stephen worked with my 16 year old son and they hit it off immediately.  I had usually found female counselors for my son and he was not so willing to open up to them.  But my son enjoyed talking with Stephen. Reaching out to Stephen was a good choice for me and my family. And I will definitely consider Stephen in the future".

Brittany B

"Stephen has worked with my son, for several years now. [He] is autistic and sometimes requires a little extra help connecting life’s dots. Over the years, I have been very impressed with Stephen’s ability to connect with [him] as a tutor and as a mentor / life coach. I highly recommend Stephen’s services to any parent looking to bridge what sometimes feel like a gap between home & school". 




Ready for your teen to get started?
Contact Stephen for a free consultation. 

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